Tuesday, January 19, 2021

More Calders

Not a lot to say about my latest sewing project  - I made another pair of the Cashmerette Calders.  I am loving these pants for lounging around the house - they look totally put together but are super comfortable and warm.

This pair are made from some really beautiful grey wool with a tiny black diamond pattern woven into it - It feels super luxurious, not at all scratchy, but definitely smells like wool when washed or ironed.  Despite how good it feels I still wanted the pants lined and chose some woven rayon which I love as a lining - plus I love the pop of colour inside.

The pattern I used is the modified version I created for my last pair with one more minor change - I do find the black pair are just a smidge hard to get over the hips so I increased the outer seam of the back pattern piece by about a half inch - and the back waistband the same.  So basically this pair are now almost a straight size 14 with 1.5" length removed in the rise and 1.5" off the length.

I hemmed this pair to be a bit longer than my last two pairs, which is nice around the house, but I took them out into the wild today (yes that's right I left my house for the first time in months) and they did drag on the beach a bit.

I do still have plans for another pair of these - I found some metallic flecked denim at the store the other day and thought that a pair of Calders would be fantastic....we shall see!